Monday, April 26, 2010

1O steps coffee algorithm

step 1: plug in the coffee maker.
step 2: place a filter in the basket.
step 3: scoop as much coffee as you want to put inside the filter. the more coffee, the darker your coffee will come out.
step 4: fill up your coffee cup until how much you want with water.
step 5: pour that water into the back of your coffee maker.
step 6: place your coffee pitcher inside.
step 7: turn the coffee maker on.
step 8: the coffee maker will begin to warm up, then the process begins.
step 9: after the coffee is done, let it cool for a while before you serve it.
step 1O: after the coffee has cooled down, serve in a mug, and enjoy with as much sugars and/ or milk as you want.


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