Thursday, April 15, 2010


Desktop: the main screen that shows icons that represent files.

Folder: an application that lets you save information or data.

Icons: a picture on the desktop that represents a folder or application.

Maximize: to make the window bigger, or to fit the screen.

Menu: a stock program that summarizes files & open them.

Menu Bar: a bar located at the top of any program that lets you save, edit, and open documents or applications.

Minimize: ta hide the screen, or make it smaller.

Pointing Device: a navigation device that lets you move around in the computer and open applications.

Scroll Bar: helps you move the page up and down or side to side.

Taskbar: the bar at the bottom of the screen that shows all the icons and shows all that you are using on the computer.

Titlebar: located at the top of the window showing the title of what you are using.

Tool Bar: a section that has tools to help you fix up your file.

Window: an application that you open.

Restore: to bring it back up on the screen; or bringing it back to original existence.

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